"We proudly stand as pioneers in our region."

We are OJAN Trade Co., founded in 2016, drawing upon a cumulative managerial experience of 15 years in the dynamic landscape of Organic and Natural Food Supply. Our inception stems from a deep-seated understanding of factory-free production methods and an adept utilization of available capacities in the field. Committed to the expansion and development of the organic food industry, we have embarked on the meticulous preparation and packaging of food products, aligning with stringent international standards to cater to discerning global markets.

In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we meticulously curate our product portfolio by selecting exclusively from major and reputable producers holding FDA, USDA, EU Organic, and HALAL approvals within our extensive network. This deliberate and careful approach underscores our steadfast dedication to delivering products of the highest quality and compliance, reinforcing our position as a reliable and esteemed player in the global organic food market.

Our Services


We are capable of supplying you Organic products with high quality in bulk, with very competitive prices. Our goods are packed in 5 to 50 kg cartons or bags on our packing lines within the food safety guidelines.

The delivery to the clients can carried out on pallets and take a maximum of 20 days for delivery throughout the entire EU.

Our clients are companies and private individuals involved in packaging foods, manufacturing of organic-based products and drinks, operating catering establishments all over the world, and all those whom value naturalness and high quality at some of the lowest prices available.


Private Label

At Ojan, we provide tasty, pure, and raw products which can be purchased in bulk or in packs. We know that client needs are different for every single market, that’s why we offer a full range of private labeling services to achieve superior customer value and satisfaction. Moreover, we provide you with the opportunity to produce and have your product shipped to a central distribution location or directly to individual store outlets on your behalf. Our packaging options include Cardboard cartons, Bags, PET-based containers or glass jars of various volumes and sizes. We take the time to work with you to achieve the perfect custom organic goods for your customer needs. Whether it being a certain spec., or country of origin, we will meet your demands and specifications. You can rely on our knowledge of labeling requirements for different markets and our dedicated product-design team.

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